Champion mention 

for Carol

Skelmersdale Champion newspaper, 
Dec 2015    

Dog Tales in

Scottish Field

Scottish Field magazine, 
Feb 2016

Hythe Herald 

Folkestone Herald newspaper, 
Dec 2015  
We have been extremely privileged that those lovely people at Shortstops have carried blog posts on the progress and results of our 2015 Competition.

From across the Atlantic (and several time zones) BCbooklook - a literary news service for British Columbia, Canada - included Claire Lawrence and God's Dog Day her prizewinning entry in Last Call, December 2015.

If you have seen an article about one of our titles that we've missed, we'd be pleased to hear more about it ...

and... some thoughts about short story competitions from one of our contributing authors - including some kind words about us too! Carol Fenlon's blog