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Ouen Press are constantly proofreading submissions for publication. We like our books and publicity material to be of the highest standard. If you have an MS, newsletter, thesis, advertising blurb, dissertation or report and would like to achieve a professional calibre of exposition contact us to discuss the service we can offer.

  • Small advert to full MS (100k + words)
  • Fast turnaround
  • Sensible pricing
  • Native english speakers
  • Specialist knowledge in food, travel, hospitality, accountancy, business and finance.
  • Free plagiarism check and formatting (subject to T & C)


Ensure your work says what you want it to say, in a concise and eloquent manner. Need to reduce the word count? – ensure the sense remains the same and the right words are culled.


Ouen Press cannot publish every MS we are offered. We are a small press and we focus on a very specific brief. We may love your work but if it falls outside our remit, we will not move to publication. If you choose to self publish, we are pleased to offer support and advice – explore with you the titles that might attract the attention of critics and readers, navigate current trends in cover design. We can also prepare covers formatted to Amazon and small print-run requirements - all at a reasonable cost.


In-house expertise or in cooperation with one of the Ouen Press authors, we are able to provide this service matched to your needs and working style. Penning biographies – personal or corporate – novels, non-fiction, memoirs, blog and website content. Our office is in England, but we are able to collaborate with clients worldwide.

Because you have a story to tell, you have been told or believe it would make a good book – the first thing we will do is give you an unbiased opinion, the strength of the story, the possible public appeal and the possible legal obstacles.

If the decision is taken to continue, the process of turning your story into a plausible MS can begin. You may wish to write the first draft or prepare an outline, or possibly impart your story via an interview. Our authors will work with you, to a timescale that suits your lifestyle. And, you will be the accredited author of the finished work.


Many writers have difficulty setting aside time to write the work they have undertaken. Researching a project can be time-consuming and may involve extensive travel. Our service is based on time spent and results are passed on to the client in clear and concise reports with sources fully referenced.


Publishing your book may seem to be your objective but unless it is a pure vanity project your aim should be to SELL your publication. You may be a great writer, your book might potentially be an 'International Bestseller' – but are you a great marketeer? Do you have the knowledge and the time to launch and maintain a winning communication strategy?

Ouen Press can advise, create a credible marketing document, prepare a budget and undertake implementation. The extent of Ouen Press involvement will be dictated by you, the client.

Don't undersell the work your talent has created.


The Ouen Press team are available to create stylish websites geared towards portraying the genre of your work in an eye-catching way. We will not necessarily encourage you to opt for 'all the bells and whistles' – we will counsel you to the level of technology most appropriate to your needs while still ensuring the all important SEO is not forgotten. All passwords and Administrator access will be passed to you, so you are in the driving seat going forward.

We can assist you to establish your presence on a variety of social media platforms, and provide on-going management where required.


There are significant costs involved in publishing a book. This will of course vary – depending on route to market and printing options, and whether you are providing most of the labour. But to do it right, and ensure maximum exposure is not without cost. If your work has a subject matter of public interest or you are person likely to generate broad public attention – crowdfunding may be a way of financially supporting your path to print. Ouen Press will be pleased to discuss the potential, prepare and also run your campaign.

If you would like to discuss any of the Writer Services, please contact us with an indication of your areas of interest.

Naturally, there is no charge for an initial consultation.