Journey through Uncertainty& other short stories

- various authors

Journey through Uncertainty & other short stories


Featuring physical and emotional journeys, endured and enjoyed, with humour and courage – each one a testimony to a place, or an event, or a sentiment.

Our writers have journeyed all day, but not moved very far – have taken circular routes, finishing where they started – but have broadened their view far more than they ever thought possible. In all cases, there have been realities contemplated and revealed, and life-lessons learned.

Celebrate this collection of thought provoking and inspirational travel tales written by seven different authors who were selected as the best from a large number of submissions to the 2016 Ouen Press short story competition.

Contributors: Emma Smith, John Frew, Sophia Jackson-Gill, S.R. McGlynn, Valerie Horton, Robbie Gilmore & Aviva Dale Martin.

  • Edited by: P Comley
  • ISBN: 9780995629936
  • Genre: Fiction, Anthology
  • Paperback: GBP 8.99
  • Buy from: Amazon

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