Knight: Yorkshireman, Storyteller, Spy

- Greg Christie

Knight - Yorkshireman, Storyteller, Spy


The epic tale of a major inter-war novelist whose work was lauded by the literary establishment of the 1930s – but overshadowed by his biggest hit.

A child immigrant to the USA, Eric Knight enlisted in Canada and returned to England to face the horrors of WWI, having already escaped once from the deprivation of the Yorkshire mill towns. His biography is an epic account that spans some of the key historical moments early in the last century.

With a creative mind, and a formidable spirit that sustained him from the trenches of Ypres, and through the Depression, to literary success and acclaim, he did not shy away from defending his native England once more – as confidant to the US President, he supported the efforts to bring the US into WWII which led to his untimely death in the service of the OSS, the forerunner to the US Central Intelligence Agency.

"Vivid, detailed and fully of lively writing; Knight is a fascinating portrait of a remarkable man." Henry Hemming, author of 'M' Maxwell Knight, MI5's Greatest Spymaster

  • Written by: Greg Christie
  • ISBN: 9780995629986
  • Genre: Non Fiction, Biography
  • Paperback: GBP16.99
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