The Uncommon Prison of Henry V Henry

- Simon Bullivant

The Uncommon Prison of Henry V Henry by Simon Bullivant


The gruesome murder of a young girl hits the headlines.

Loner Henry V Henry, a compulsive hoarder of hard-copy news, finds his interest in the crime becomes obsessive as one killing becomes two – and then the bodies begin to mount. Anxieties and paranoia take over his already bizarre routines. Each crime scene must be visited, the clues are staring him in the face, but others – including the Police – seem oblivious. Henry believes he has narrowed the field of likely suspects. Never able to silence his inner thoughts that the murderer is lining him up as the next victim, he pursues his quest convinced only his own troubled mind can bring the killer to justice. The Police have their own suspicions, which include placing Henry ever closer to the crimes.

The book tells the story of a man's transformation from a marginalised, almost invisible human being, who inhabits a world of his own creation, into an individual who begins to find the means to escape

“Simon utilises his comedy prowess expertly to add a macabre wit to this pacy murder-mystery that keeps its protagonist, and readers, second-guessing themselves all the way to its visceral end.” Ouen Press

  • Written by: Simon Bullivant
  • ISBN: 9780995629974
  • Genre: Fiction, Crime Thrillers
  • Paperback: GBP 12.99
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