The Mushroom Effect

- Michael Connor

The Mushroom Effect by Michael Connor


Erminia, a talented chef climbing the celebrity ladder, opens her first restaurant in a Kent market town. Foraging for ‘Wild Food’ plays a big part in her recipe creations and leads her to an amazing culinary discovery. But, pride and ambition cloud her judgement and Erminia’s life starts to spiral downwards after she is professionally and personally humiliated. It is not long before she begins to question the loyalties of her partner Angela, and her kitchen brigade – even her faithful canine companion Bianco is missing. She falls into a state of delirium, much of which is alcohol-induced.

Help of sorts finally arrives, but recovery is far from assured.

It’s a painful journey for Erminia’s suffering mind as she attempts to come to terms with the failure of everything she has thought to be true, or considered to be of value.

From the food and travel writer, Michael Connor, comes this powerful portrayal of egos, betrayal, torment, resilience & resolution.

  • Written by: Michael Connor
  • ISBN: 9781999612139
  • Genre: Fiction, Adventure
  • Paperback: GBP 8.99
  • Buy from: Amazon

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