Zawadi & other short stories

- various authors



The brief for the competition was a work of fiction involving a 'Gift' of any type, at any time, from any place in this world or another.

In this collection we learn about precious things that are embodied in people, places, ideas, talents, the joy in giving and receiving, the despair in losing, and the solace in recognising the value of what we have rather than wasting time, arguably the most precious gift of all, in anguish over what we have not.

Enduring themes for uncertain times

Contributors: S.M. Connell, T.H.Kunze, Jonathan Sher, Cezarija Abartis, Rhonda Collis, George Oliver, Simon Rowe, Andrew Sellors, Steve Wade & F.S. Williams.

  • Edited by: P Comley
  • ISBN: 9781999612153
  • Genre: Fiction, Anthology
  • Paperback: GBP 8.99
  • Buy from: Amazon

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