May All Your Names Be Forgotten

- Michael Connor

May All Your Names Be Forgotten by Michael Connor


Fast moving, with touches of inky black humour and tragedy.

Smart, youthful self-assured Danny - a seasoned 'closer' in the directory game - sets up his new company. Fast, easy money from people too caught up in their own bureaucratic nightmares to escape falling prey to the fast-talkers.

However, Danny's south London start-up begins to attract the wrong sort of attention - the local gangland factions and the law. Danny quickly moves into survival mode, juggling new found loyalties with long standing allegiances, and growing paranoia.

  • Written by: Michael Connor
  • ISBN: 9780957310766
  • Genre: Fiction, Crime Thrillers
  • Paperback: GBP 9.99
  • Buy from: Amazon

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