The Cleansing

- Michael Connor

The Cleansing by Michael Connor


Romance, a modern, successful young south African woman is saving furiously for the future – but living a day's journey from her village and her husband, tensions build. As the new millennium approaches, she receives unwanted advances from male acquaintances, a visit by her husband becomes problematic, and her young English boss, with whom she has established a uneasy friendship is accused of a heinous crime.

In a social landscape that cultivates fear from threats of violence and death - AIDS, malaria, tsotsi gangsters, Romance is conflicted by the traditional rites of the past still practised throughout her country. These emerge as a personal horror she is forced to face when attempting to reconcile her respect of the past and her aspirations for the future.

“It is powerfully illustrated with a convincingly realistic and thrilling story.” 4 star review - amazon

“Very well written and an absorbing novel, could not put it down!! One cannot help but be completely taken by the story and characters.” 5 star review - amazon

“Just finished reading it .... Wow, heavy! Cleansing .... never knew of its existence , so it's good you're letting the world know about it...Great read ...Very enjoyable and now have insight into a horrendous ancient ritual." Dr Mark V.

  • Written by: Michael Connor
  • ISBN: 9780957310728
  • Genre: Fiction, Crime Thrillers
  • Paperback: GBP 7.99
  • Buy from: Amazon

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